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Wiwid Gunawan

Wiwid Gunawan who has a real name Rujuniarti Sapta Pertiwi, was born in Bandung – West Java, on 21 June 1982. She is an Indonesian actress, and commercials.

Wiwid Gunawan began recognized by the public after a role in the soap opera “Cinderella“. Wiwid Gunawan more widely known after a role in the movie “Kawin Kontrak“.

Wiwid Gunawan claims like porn movies, starting when she was filming through “Kawin Kontrak“. She also admitted collecting some porn movies. In the “Kawin Kontrak” movie, she was acting a pornographic scene. Of the porn movies she had seen, she tried to imitate the expression as an intimate act. From there, she could better appreciate her acting in the “Kawin Kontrak” movie.

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Julia Perez

Julia Perez was born on 15 June 1980, is a dangdut singer, model, Indonesian actress and presenter. She is nicknamed “sex bomb“. She began her career in France. Acquaintance with male model Damien Perez opened her first opportunity to appear as a model for FHM and Maxim Magazine in France. With her appearance in FHM and Maxim, Julia Perez was nominated for the 100 sexiest women of FHM and Maxim Magazine.

Her name was becoming known after she played a few soap operas. In April 2008, Julia Perez plunged into dangdut singer. Then she released her first album titled Kamasutra. Julia Perez album includes condom tucked inside cover of each album. Although the reasons for the inclusion of condoms in each of these albums is to prevent the spread of HIV and promote safesex and Family Planning, but many people judge these actions are immoral actions and support for free sex culture. Even the Minister of Women Empowerment, Meutia Hatta declared openly that Julia Perez action can be interpreted as support for free sex. As a result of a sexy appearance, and the album that gives condoms as a bonus, she was much banned in Indonesia.

Sexy and hot photos of Julia Perez :

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Rahma Azhari

Rahma Azhari was born in Jakarta on 17 September 1981, is an Indonesian model and soap opera star. She is one of eight Azhari “Celebrities Family“, who is known for sensation and controversy.

This sexy woman married to a businessman, Rauf Alfay on 10 June 2003. In November 2006, the marriage ordeal. Rahma Azhari seen arguing with her husband in a local nightspots, Blowfish. Even at that moment, Rahma Azhari had to be taken to hospital as a result of persecution. That events eventually lead to divorce. 13 February 2008, Rahma Azhari divorced from her husband.

In November 2008, Rahma Azhari become controversial due to emergence of naked pictures with her sister, Sarah Azhari on the internet.

Sexy and hot photos of Rahma Azhari :

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Ratu Felisha

Ratu Felisha, was born on 16 October 1982, is an Indonesian model and actress.

The woman who used to be called Feli, began her career as a model and then plunged into a movie star. This beautiful woman began to be known publicly after posing naughty in Indonesian magazine for men. Has starred in several soap operas. Her name began to soar when he played in the film “Buruan Cium Gue“, a film in 2004 which has much criticized by many people because it is considered to have a bad influence on young people.

Ratu Felisha is a woman who likes tattoos. There are 3 tattoo on her body. Crown tattoo on her back, chain tattoo on her left ankle and a tattoo in a hidden place of her body.

Sexy and hot photos of Ratu Felisha :

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